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One-stop Solution: all-in-one staking platform
Cozy and simple staking interface
Audited Code: your funds are secured
High Yields: profit from trading and incentives
Community Driven: our strength is our community
Stake DOGE to earn passive income
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Estimeted monthly and yearly returns are calculated with daily compounding. APR depends on account level and can vary.
Launched in mid-July'21, has grown into a unique DOGE staking platform with an extensive feature set and a loyal user base. Now we are ready for more! In the coming period, DogeDAO will open the doors of DAO and present DGDT governance token.

In addition to rewards for staking your DOGE coin assets with DogeDAO platform you get DGDT tokens. Receive extra rewards for staking DGDT tokens, and participate in DogeDAO to create the future of DOGE ecosystem!
Who uses DogeDAO and for what purpose?
DogeDAO was founded in 2020 by a renowned entrepreneur, investor and visionary who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid speculation. The main goal of DogeDAO is to structure the community and develop the DOGE ecosystem to the level of the leading modern blockchains.
Who are DogeDAO?
Today, the DogeDAO structure has more than 40 members - crypto investors, programmers, mathematicians, financiers, lawyers, marketers, PR specialists and community managers, there is even one basketball player
What is the APY for staking?
APY starts at a sky-high 250% when the platform launches in beta and will gradually decrease as capital is raised into the system. By the time of transition to the next phase of the project (Q2 2023), APY will stabilize at the level of 22-28%.
What is APY and how is it calculated?
Annual percentage yield (APY) is the real annual rate of return earned on a stake, which accounts for interest rates compounding on a daily basis. So our is APY = APR with daily compounding.
Where do the funds paid as rewards come from?
At the moment it is 70% incentive - funds are paid out from DAO treasury. This is a purpose-built fund created to implement the launch phase of DogeDAO. 30% is income from the market-making activity and centralized capital lending.
Why pay such high-interest rates for staking?
In fact, this is the most honest and cost-effective way for a project to achieve fame and form a community around itself. With the growth of the community and the total amount of staked coins, APY will decrease.